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We can give no greater gift than Faith, Hope, and Love

From 1953 to 2023 and Beyond

$12,994 raised

$200,000 goal

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The first time I walked through the Cora Anderson building I knew I was walking in on the shoulders of giants. You could feel the faith, hope, and love that has blown through the building for 70 years.

The stories shared of Cora Woods Campbell Anderson for whom the building is named, was an amazing woman and pillar of Temple, Texas. Mrs. Anderson is said to have been the first PTA President of Dunbar School, a Treasurer of the Negro Cemetery, President of the Women's Home and Foreign missionary Society. Mrs. Anderson's contributions, however, were not just of service she also was known as a philanthropist, saving homes from foreclosures, purchasing automobiles, paying hospital and funeral bills. Mrs. Anderson donated $1,098.00 and land to the campaign to build the Negro Hospital, advancing an additional $1,500.00 to ensure the building was completed on time in May 1953. In December of 1963 after integration, it became Cora Anderson building of the Bell County Health Department, continuing to provide for the poor and disenfranchised.
So, when we had the opportunity to call this amazing building home, I knew it was a perfect way to expand. Our 2023 expansion will allow Hilltop Recovery Ministries to introduce residential recovery for women. This 5500 square foot building with strong roots and a rich history will include the following spaces:
5- Shared bedrooms
Individual therapy room
Group therapy room
Art therapy room
2-Career/Computer rooms
Kitchen/Dining room
Laundry Room
2-Staff offices
Entertainment room
Workout room
The Cora Anderson Building will allow Hilltop Recovery Ministries to offer daytime services, intensive outpatient services, inpatient addiction recovery while equipping women with the tools to live free from a destructive lifestyle and encourage them to move forward on the path toward permanent change....as they discover their gifts and talents that only God can distribute.
This next phase is excitingly scary! We need prayer warriors, financial donors, and volunteers to partner with us. By clicking the link in the comments and visiting the Hilltop Recovery Ministries webpage, you can easily get involved.